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Winamp skins

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R U L E S:

01. Please comment if taking.
02. Please no stealing/claiming other users' skins.
03. Requests are allowed.
04. Please ask the mod before you promote a community.

L a y o u t:

Layout features Sakito from the band Nightmare. Layout/Brushes © Mija.

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10 last.fm avatars&10 winamp skins [Saturday
4.2.11 @ 5:03pm]


10 last.fm avatars&10 winamp skins over here @ garasunohane 
will be locked in a week.
{sakura petals}

{100} the GazettE winamp skins [Saturday
3.12.11 @ 4:46pm]


find the rest here @ garasunohane 
Will be locked in a week.
Please remember to comment.
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{25} versailles winamp skins [Monday
2.14.11 @ 9:26pm]


more here @ garasunohane 

Will be locked in a week.
Comment please~
x posted.
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{19} winamp skins [Sunday
12.26.10 @ 7:00pm]

{6} sadie
{8} gazette
{5} alice nine

here @ garasunohane 
will be locked in a week.
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{34} winamp skins [Sunday
12.12.10 @ 6:06pm]

{2} Nega
{2} Satsuki [ex. Rentrer en Soi]
{1} Ruki [the gazette]
{1} Karasu
{28} sadie

I resized the pictures a lot >w> so they won't stretch anybody's friends page ~
more here @ garasunohane 
Will be locked in a week.
x posted, sorry.
Please comment if you take any  ^_^
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7 Deadly Sins Challenge! [Wednesday
7.29.09 @ 9:59pm]

Hey guys, as promised a couple of us are making new layouts for you guys! In the meantime... I know we have some graphic makers/talent here so why not show your chops and join in on a layout challenge? The guidelines are simple. Each week we have a different sin as a theme - design a layout and post on vk-graphics.ning.com simple right? I even started to post pics for use or inspiration! You don't have to do all 7 but dare to try and see if you can! It will take all your creative juices to finish this challenge. Click on the banner for more rules and posting information!


Join us at vk-graphics.ning.com

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Request for JRock Skins [Monday
6.8.09 @ 4:01pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

Hi There:

I'm um new to this community, and I was wondering if someone could by chance make me a couple of skins if possible? I'd greatly appericiate it. Um as for which JRockers, I'd like it if someone could do me one of Satsuki, Mika or Takumi from Rentrer en Soi and a nice Mana from Moi Dix Mois, Malice Mizer one, and one of Yomi from Nightmare (Naitomea). I'd greatly appericiate this if someone could do that for me.

Arigatou Gozaimasu (Thank you)

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5.8.06 @ 11:39pm]

I created a site to connect vk designers together! Share your graphics or request some from different users online!

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Ruki - S T A R G A Z E - Winamp Skin [Saturday
1.31.09 @ 6:12pm]

This community is pretty much dead(?) so in a last desperate try to get it back on it's feet I give you a Ruki winamp skin.

Winamp Skins:
[x] 1 Ruki - the GazettE

Mini Preview:

Ruki S T A R G A Z E Winamp skin...Collapse )
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Request - Mako, deadman [Saturday
12.20.08 @ 2:19pm]

Hello everybody! I'm new in the community and using winamp, too. :D I'd like to make a request.
I'd like to have a Mako or whole deadman skin. Could anyone help me? I have some pictures...

Mako 1
Mako 2


I know some of you guys love them too, so make yourself (AND ME!! XD) very very happy. *ww* Buried Alive skin would be too good to be true and I'm too lazy to upload the pictures...

So if anyone could help me... Thank you so much! ;;--;;<3
{sakura petals}

Kamaitachi Skin [Wednesday
7.30.08 @ 7:39pm]

Today, I bring a new Winamp skin.  I haven't made one since 2006, so my skills are a bit rusty.  I made this for those who are fans of older Visual Kei bands like myself.  The skin features Kazzy from Kamaitachi and the picture is from volume four of Shoxx.  For those who download this, I hope that you will enjoy it.

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7.8.08 @ 8:45pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Ano.. I'm new here, but because I couldn't find any LM.C skins I thought I'll request one... So, could anyone make a skins with this LM.C picture?

I mean, this picture(:

Thaaanks if anyone will do it:3

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plastic tree skin [Tuesday
7.8.08 @ 3:14am]

my first ever winamp skin, yay. i present to you a very faint and subdued ryutaro.
comments&criticism are appreciated~

direct download is available at my graphics site here.
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VAMPS skin [Thursday
7.3.08 @ 7:42am]

I made VAMPS skin, hope you like it. ;P

Come light my fire! (with comments xD)

sorry.. x-posted to vampsband larcenciel
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MYV's Icons [Tuesday
6.3.08 @ 7:13pm]


Yay,here are 9 MYV's Icons I managed to finish this afternoon XD


The left is HERE ,please visit ~^^~
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Request~ [Monday
4.7.08 @ 9:56am]

[ mood | sick ]

I'd make one myself if I could, but I can't, so can anyone make me a Mana skin?
All the old links were dead, I'm afraid.

I don't have an special image request either, so feel free to use a MdM or MM picture of your own choice =)

Thank you^^

{sakura petals}

Jrock T-Shirts, pins, buttons and more on sale [Monday
2.18.08 @ 12:34pm]

Jrock related post

Jrock T-Shirts, pins, buttons and more on sale.
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Toshiya [Monday
11.19.07 @ 1:11am]

Oh I finally made a Toshiya skin!! and as usual I made a matching wallpaper to go with it. As a bonus you can also find a matching layout & icons at crazed_system.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Winamp Skin: its hosted at freewebs...so Right-Click // Save Target As and stick the file into your Winamp Skin folder ^^v
Right-Click // Save-Target As

For the Toshiya layout set visit crazed_system!!
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