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Ruki - S T A R G A Z E - Winamp Skin

This community is pretty much dead(?) so in a last desperate try to get it back on it's feet I give you a Ruki winamp skin.

Winamp Skins:
[x] 1 Ruki - the GazettE

Mini Preview:

Thanks to everybody at winamps forum who helped me with the skinning basics. ♥
Also this tutorial helped a lot.
This skin is made out of a base, I've just edited the images, animation, text bases and the colors and if you recognize it, please message me so I can credit you for the base~
Next time there will be one made from scratch. Wait for it ;)

Want to download? Click the preview or this link will lead you to mediafire.

Sorry for the lack of a LJ-cut~ Hope you enjoyed // Alcate
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